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1. Can you edit the template?
  It is depends on which package you choose. For default design, we will put your business  or company name with motto and supplied logo from you on the main template header. Other than that, such as changing color, creating new banner is not included. We buy templates from is to let the experts do their job and we just choose which template we want.

2. Will there be any support given to administer my website?
  Yes! You will be given user friendly manuals (in pdf format) with pictures to easily guide you on how to do online editing for your website. The manual also contain tips to optimize your knowledge of web publishing. We also provide you the Customer Support Forum to ask any questions get some tips and learn from other clients to make you website looks like a pro! If that are not enough, you can just email our technical support, and we will guide you personally.

 3. What do I need to pay a year after registration (after the contract ends)?
  You only need to pay for your yearly domain name and hosting. The hosting price is depends on the space size. Please refer here for details.

 4. How long would it take to get my website ready?
  After the payment is done, we guarantee it would take no more than 7 working days (for the basic website). Its is also depending on the availability of the content or images that are essential for the development.

 5. If I already have hosting, can I get any discounts on the products offered?
  We are sorry, there will be no discount. We do not charge on the actual product itself, we are charging on our effort and time spent in making the website a success for you. But we will make sure it is successfully in placed in your current hosting and domain. The setup is FREE.

 6. I already have a website, hosting and domain name. Can I transfer the content to this product?
  Yes, of course! But content migration depends on the packages you had choosen. It will become better with more presentable interface and the original content. You can choose to keep your original hosting without the hassle of transferring it to ours.

 7. How to make the payment?

At the moment we have 2 available choices:

  • Maybank2U (Malaysia only)
  • PayPal
 8. Why there are 3 different CMS packages with different pricing?

 We made that to

  1. Suite your budget in the same time offer you the best available features for your website.
  2. Suite your needs and time you spend on your website.
If you feel you have time to spend on your website, than STANDARD package is more appropriate. Feel free to ask our consultation HERE.

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